Ghost Town in West Texas

Toyah Ghost Town | Reeves County, TX

Established in 1881, Toyah was once a growing community on Texas’s Western frontier, but today is regarded as a ghost town.

By the turn of the century, Toyah had 1,000 residents and in 1912 they built the Toyah School that you see photographed here.
Back then, it was called an El-Hi school because they taught both elementary and high school students here.
The school remained open through the Great Depression but afterwards, enrollment decreased as people moved away looking for work.
The town dwindled and could no longer justify a large school. In 1950, the Toyah school system consolidated with the Pecos school system, about 19 miles away.
The building was retired and for a short time, was repurposed as a gymnasium and basketball court.
The other buildings you see photographed in this series were a bank, a store, and an old home.
Although the official population of Toyah is in the low 100s today, they’ve seen a resurgence in activity as workers for the nearby oil production move in temporary trailers to this old town.

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