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I’m Kelly Gomez,

the photographer, researcher, wanderer, and writer behind this project.

I began rambling the backroads looking for abandoned architecture in 2010 and over the past decade, I’ve documented nearly 1,000 historic sites. My hope is that through images and stories, I can help preserve historic places that are quickly disappearing from our landscape. I’d like to invite you to join me on my journey to uncover the history of forgotten places!


Kelly Gomez

A Texas Town Disappears

A small but vibrant community grew here in rural Texas until the 1930s, but today, it’s little more than a ghost town.

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Kelly Gomez

What Is Haint Blue?

Haint Blue, which actually encompasses a collection of colors from blue to green, is an iconic shade tha can be found adorning mansions and rural cabins across the South. And while the popularity of the color seems endless, few know the complicated history it entails.

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Baynes Family
Kelly Gomez

Iconic Symbol Of Rural Americana Still Stands

This old country store was much like so many others shops of its day that residents relied on for supplies and connection to their community.

But this one was propelled to national fame in 1939 when a famous photographer from California passed through this quiet crossroads in rural North Carolina.

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