Cemetery Preservation Work

The Forgotten South began in 2010 as a project to document the historic architecture that is quickly disappearing from the landscape of the rural South. Along the journey, I discovered so many neglected and forgotten burial sites that I was called to do something to help.

So in 2019, the mission of The Forgotten South was expanded and I began work in these cemeteries, cleaning, clearing, and researching as much as I could about the people buried there. My work in these sacred places includes full site reports that I compile and share with local and state agencies in an effort to document and preserver as many sites as possible. 

Since, then, I have surveyed and cleaned 12 burial sites, including 26 markers in 5 states, as I continue to work through the list of graves that still need attention.

This work is never-ending and if you think preserving old burial sites is important, I hope you will consider supporting these efforts. You can help by joining The Forgotten South Society, whose contributions directly fund the equipment, cleaning supplies, and research work I do in cemeteries.

How You Can Help

If you’re excited about this work and want to help, I would love to have it! 

If you like to study genealogy, you can help me research burials for my site reports.

If you like to get your hands dirty, you can sign up for the Cemetery Cleaning Group and join us for clean-ups in your area.

You can also help by submitting cemeteries in need that you know of.

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