Century Old Florida Farmhouse is Dismantled

Boyd Farm Tenant House | Jefferson County, FL | c. 1800s

Nestled peacefully beneath a collection of ancient oaks was this stoic reminder of a time long ago.

On the edge of an expansive farm, this cabin is thought to have been built in the days before the Civil War and at one point, may have housed a family of enslaved people on this cotton plantation.

But for most of its years, it served as shelter for a sharecropping family throughout the 1900s before it was relegated to storage.

This modest cabin had become a favorite of mine on each of my trips north from Florida into Georgia in my early days of exploring. And as majestic as these oaks may seem in the photos, I just couldn’t quite convey the power of standing beneath so much history.

This photo was taken in 2016 on my last visit to the property before it was dismantled. Noticed the pine trees behind it had been cleared by then.

On my last visit in 2016, the sky was perfect and the Spanish Moss in the oak trees billowed above me.

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A few months later, the cabin was torn down by a local salvage company who tried to save what parts they could.

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