An Old House Left to Fall on Its Own

The Skeleton House | Jackson County, GA | c. 1890s

James built this house around 1890 where he lived with his first wife, Gerushia. They would have 10 children together.

After she passed away in 1903, James married again, this time to Lillie. They would have 3 children, one of whom, also named Lillie, lived here through the 1960s.

Upon her death, she deeded her farm and cemetery to a church. She didn’t wish for the home to be modernized so she asked that they keep the home and property clean, but not to restore it so it could fall on its own.

At one point, the church held private classes here but now, it’s mostly empty, except for one room used as storage.

And although it’s missing it’s porch, windows, doors, and many of its interior walls, the charm and elegance are still apparent.

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Besides the school chairs you see here from the days when the church had a preschool, all you’ll find here is a committee of vultures.

According to a local resource, Lillie willed the house to the church, along with her property, with the provision that they not fix it up but to allow it to fall on its own.


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  1. That’s awesome! I grew up right next to it next road over as ur going into maysville! Wow! I love all your stuff! This is my dream! Love history! So glad I got to read on this! Always wondered about. That house!

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