South Carolina Home Holds 200 years of history within its walls

Sedalia | Union County, SC | c. 1820s-30s

If we could peel away the facade of this seemingly broken home, we would find a story that spans almost 200 years of South Carolina history.

Expanded and updated over time, it is believed that the rustic two-room log cabin that makes up the center of this home was constructed in the 1820s or 30s by Dr. William Johnson Bobo.

It would come to be called Sedalia.

By the mid-1840s, Bobo and his extended family decided to leave South Carolina and relocated west to Panola County, Mississippi. The home passed on to a new family who sadly experienced tragedy here in 1881 when a fire broke out in the home, claiming 2 lives and causing extensive damage to the home. According to one account I read, it was after this fire that much of the updating and expansion to the home occurred.

But a new century would bring more challenges and in 1928, the home was lost in bankruptcy, making way for a new family to move in.

This last family would call Sedalia home until the 1970s when husband and wife passed away after spending more than 40 years of their lives here. Their children did what they could to keep the property up until they passed away too and now, it sits in a sad state of disrepair while the land is leased by a hunting club.

Sedalia c. 1975

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