Saving Timber Ridge Cemetery

Randolph County, North Carolina

This historically significant burial ground holds the remains of some of the founders of Randolph and Guilford County, as well as many American Patriots. Including one who fought alongside George Washington at Valley Forge.

At one point this cemetery sat outside Timber Ridge Baptist Church which was founded in 1780, but when the church went out of use in the 1840s, the cemetery followed. Unfortunately, the site fell into bad shape because of neglect and even worse, has been desecrated in recent years by vandals who have dug up some of the burials.

Descendants of those buried here are taking on the effort to fix up the cemetery, secure it from further damage, and mark it properly as an important historic site for the future.

Please help us in protecting this important place by reporting any information you have about the damage that has been done here. Contact the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office at (336) 318-6699 and email

If you would like to support the efforts to secure and clean this site, you can give through the button below.

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