Historic Florida Moore Hotel: Then and Now

Moore Hotel & Boarding House | Alachua County, FL | c. 1890s

As early as 1840, a small community had begun to form around a grist mill. Settlers came from the North, railroad tracks were laid and by 1881, a new town was incorporated.

Guests gather outside the hotel c. early 1900s- Photo courtesy of State Archive of Florida

The following year, W.S. Moore purchased this building and opened a hotel that catered to wealthy Northern hunters and fishermen who were attracted to the plentiful game found in the area. Moore provided dogs, wagons, supplies and guided groups through hunts himself. His wife Virginia ‘Jenny’ ran the day-to-day operations of the hotel and prepared food for guests. Moore’s Hotel offered the first bathtubs with running water pumped by a windmill, then heated.

W.S. and Jenny Moore c. 1890, photo courtesy The Florida Memory Project

An ad for the hotel calls it ‘The Sportsman’s Home’ and rooms were just $2/day. Today, the property is still owned by members of the Moore Family.

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  1. Assuming this is lived in presently due to a/c u it in upper room window. The building itself looks pristine.

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