A Historic Georgia Church Down a Picturesque Dirt Road

Liberty Baptist Church | Brooks County, GA | c. 1843

Down in Southern Georgia, just miles from Florida, you will find this impressive structure down an old dirt road. Standing tall and proud to this day, she reminds us of a small village that used to be.

Originally known as Key, this small hamlet was located at a crossroads that was important to travelers making their way to Thomasville.


In those days, the King Plantation spanned most of the acreage in then Thomas (now Brooks) County. On the plantation stood a Baptist Church where the congregation of Liberty Baptist met until 157 when the trustees decided that a new building should be built.

A new site nearer the crossroads was selected and a new building was constructed at a size of 40 by 50 feet. Made of sturdy pine timbers, the new church featured a steeple, high gothic windows, and heart pine columns at the entrance. The interior featured an upstairs gallery with graduated pews where enslaved persons would sit during worship.

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The first meeting in the new church was held on June 19, 1858 with preaching by Elder W.J. Bluett.

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