Legendary Local BBQ Joint Still a Roadside Landmark

According to locals, Moody’s roadside BBQ stand was a favorite for years, both to neighbors and travelers alike.

And it certainly must’ve been a welcome stopover to motorists on the Kingsland Highway down near the Florida line.

I haven’t been able to track down when it opened, or when they served their last plate of supper, but it certainly is well missed by those who frequented it.

Locals say that Mr. Moody’s BBQ was the standard by which all local BBQ was judged. Quite a legacy to leave behind!

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2 thoughts on “Legendary Local BBQ Joint Still a Roadside Landmark”

  1. Annetta Moody Ramsey

    Hello, I am the daughter of the owner of Moody’s BBQ. I can answer the questions you referenced in your article.

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