Early Florida Farmhouse Still Stands

Price Home | Putnam County, FL | c. early 1900s

Sometime in 1859, Laban and his wife Sarah relocated with 5 children from South Carolina to Putnam County, Florida. Over the next decade, they would build a homestead, a school, and have 4 more children, all while their country was torn in half by civil war.

In 1861, while pregnant with their 6th child, their new home state seceded from the Nation, and within the year, Laban had joined the 9th Florida Infantry. Although he saw action at the Battle of Olustee, he was fortunate enough to return to Putnam County in 1864 to continue to grow his family until his passing in 1876.

As his children grew up, they would each marry and build homes within a mile from the original homestead. The youngest of these children being William who built this home for his bride, Sarah, in 1892 on the very property that his parents had settled 30 years before.

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To this day, Laban and Sarah’s descendants still farm this land.

Laban Price grave courtesy of Find A Grave
Sarah Price grave courtesy of Find A Grave

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  1. Willis Other Price

    Very interesting info. Thanks! Willis Price descendant of John Henry Price, Joe Willis Price, Garrison Greenwood Price, Joe Willis Price, and both the father and son Thomas Price’s held in the siege of Atlanta.

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