The Fletcher Family Farmhouse in Georgia

Fletcher Family Home | Irwin County, GA | c. 1800s


Built in the mid-1800s, the Fletcher Family home was originally a dogtrot style with a central hall down the middle of the, capped by dual doors on either end. Off the back of the house was a porch and an additional wing for the detached kitchen.

Wiley Fletcher with his sons in front of this home before the dogtrot was enclosed

In the 1880s, the family home was adapted for more contemporary family living when E.G.M. Fletcher (who had grown up here) married his first wife, Polly. They enclosed the dogtrot and likely made other upgrades to make the home more comfortable.

They would live together in this home until she passed away in 1916.

According to a local, he remembers Elbert being a distinguished, mustachioed-gentleman who spent many an afternoon in his rocking chair on this porch. Oddly enough, I was able to track down an image of Elbert, mustached and posing in his rocking chair in front of this home with his first wife, Polly.

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Fletcher and his first wife, Polly in front of this home

Fletcher with his adult children and second wife, Ruth Turner

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6 thoughts on “The Fletcher Family Farmhouse in Georgia”

  1. Beautiful in tact structure. Very detailed and a gem of it’s time. Man, if those old walls could talk, I can imagine what the stories they would tell. Actually, they do speak to us. We just have to listen. Thank you for this wonderful walk through this amazing home Kelly.

  2. I love these old houses! The Fletcher Family Home reminds me of my childhood and visiting family in Georgia, North and South Carolina ♥️

  3. I love history and the south is packed with it. Hate to see destroyed because you learn so much.

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