An Abandoned House Along the Florida Railroad: Then & Now

Hazen-Lewis Home | Bradford County, FL | c. 1900s

Perhaps one of the most picturesque abandoned homes I’ve found, this beauty sits just along the railroad tracks in a sleepy rural town. For more than 100 years, trains have rolled by this home transporting timber, coal, limerock, and agricultural products that help to fuel Florida’s industries.

The Hazen House at it looked c. 1904

The wheels of progress continue to chug along, but time seems to stand still here at this homesite.

Daniel Webster Hazen built this home for his bride, America Caroline Douglas in the 1870’s. They would raise 10 children in this home, most of whom were born right here. Countless dinners, holidays and afternoons on the porch were shared by a family who called this place home.

While researching this property, I stumbled upon an old photograph of the railroad tracks through town with this very home standing on the left side of the frame c. 1903.

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I imagine that Daniel never thought about what his home would look like in 130+ years, but I’d be happy to tell him that it’s just as pretty as ever.

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2 thoughts on “An Abandoned House Along the Florida Railroad: Then & Now”

  1. Hello, I wanted to reach out to you to say I enjoyed your stories – my husband’s home is across the street from this home in Bradford County, Brooker (Ward City) Florida. I would like to also tell you that another article that you did “The Adandoned Hayes Family Farmhouse” is where my father-in-law, Wayne Hayes was born in the homeplace in 1932, he is still alive and lives in Brooker close to this home you did the article on. He was unaware, as was my husband that the old homeplace was on the internet and was proud to see it. My father-in-law has recently lost his vision and tells us stories of how he was raised there at the “Hayes Homeplace”. He fell out of one of the trees on the property when young and by God’s grace, was able to say his eyelid from that tragedy….I just wish I had know you were doing this story so you could have talked to my father-in-law about his memories, we used to take him by there frequently before he lost his vision – God Bless you and we truly would love to hear from you – Douglas & Darlene Hayes

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