A Historic Family Homestead in Sumter County Florida

Fussell Family Homestead | Sumter County, FL | c. late 1800s

Resting in a quiet rural pasture in Sumter County Florida stands the Fussell Family home. She seemingly hides her beautiful details behind overgrowth and deep on private property, but thanks to a follower of my pages, I have learned more about how charming this home is.

The wood trim work on the fascia boards is actually carved into repeating heart shaped patterns that were lovingly created by this homes owner for his bride. According to Richard Fussell MacKenzie:

“This home is near the Matchett Cemetery. The other side has a porch where the front door is located. This home was built in the late 1800’s. The heart-shaped cutouts were made with great skill. My aunt Minnie Fussell Wade lived there with her husband George Wade. They had a son named Jake Wade. Aunt Minnie was the daughter and oldest child of William Jacob and Rebecca Fussell, my great-great grandparents.”

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In this case, home really is where the heart is!

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2 thoughts on “A Historic Family Homestead in Sumter County Florida”

  1. Marybeth Trilling

    I love this house. I wish I could see more photos and learn about the people whose lives revolved around this home. Very evocative.

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