A Historic Family Homestead in Sumter County Florida

Fussell Family Homestead | Sumter County, FL | c. late 1800s

Resting in a quiet rural pasture in Sumter County Florida stands the Fussell Family home. She seemingly hides her beautiful details behind overgrowth and deep on private property, but thanks to a follower of my pages, I have learned more about how charming this home is.

The wood trim work on the fascia boards is actually carved into repeating heart-shaped patterns that were lovingly created by this home’s owner for his bride. According to Richard Fussell MacKenzie:

“This home is near the Matchett Cemetery. The other side has a porch where the front door is located. This home was built in the late 1800s. The heart-shaped cutouts were made with great skill. My aunt Minnie Fussell Wade lived there with her husband George Wade. They had a son named Jake Wade. Aunt Minnie was the daughter and oldest child of William Jacob and Rebecca Fussell, my great-great-grandparents.”

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In this case, home really is where the heart is!

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2 thoughts on “A Historic Family Homestead in Sumter County Florida”

  1. Marybeth Trilling

    I love this house. I wish I could see more photos and learn about the people whose lives revolved around this home. Very evocative.

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