Turpentine Tenants: Forgotten Florida Agricultural Industry

Shiloh Turpentine Cabins | Marion County, FL | c. early 1900s

Florida Turpentine History

Pine gum and turpentine have been harvested from the expansive pine forests of the eastern U.S. since early European settlers arrived. This forest product would develop in to an important industry based in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida.

From 1909-1923, Florida would experience a turpentine boom, leading the nation in pine gum production. Many camps for workers popped up all over North Central Florida during this period.

Zetrouer Farm History

Built by Cecil Pardee on behalf of D.R. Zetrouer for workers at his turpentine farm are these simple shacks.

Standing at an idyllic rural intersection, a collection of about 10 of these cabins still remain, as a beautiful reminder to us of a now-disappeared, but once important Florida agricultural industry.

These cabins have become a favorite stop for passerbys and have often been referred to as ‘salve homes’ which is not accurate in this case.

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