A Graveyard For Antiques In Florida

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Harvey Family Farm Cars | Wakulla County, FL

If you’re looking to take a step back in time to Old Florida, then look no further than this vintage car and truck graveyard along the roadside in the panhandle. With over 30 vehicles in this graveyard for antiques, this collection of rust buckets represents over 40 years of farming by the Harvey Family.

The trucks and cars served the family faithfully until they were retired for parts. Once they no longer served that purpose, Pat Harvey started arranging his father’s old vehicles here along the roadside in chronological order.

The oldest vehicle dating from the early 1900s through to the 1970s models, Mr. Harvey has fond members of many of these old cars. Like the rusted-out 1941 Ford truck that he remembers taking his first ride in, the 1959 Ford that he took his driver’s test in, and a later model station wagon that his father would only allow him to drive if he had a date.

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This stop along the roadside has turned into a tourist attraction of sorts and passersby are welcome to stop and take photos. But these and vandalism will be investigated so please be respectful of the owners who have allowed this collection to be available to the public to explore.

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  1. Is on that road on the way to Chattahoochee from I-10? I’ve seen something like that but never had the opportunity to stop and take a few photos. I like to oil paint and thought it would be cool to paint a few. Same with old houses but I haven’t seen them at all like you do

  2. I live less than 5 miles from this place and it has always been a favorite spot of mine. I have photographed these trucks hundreds of times. I never get tired of them. It has been a popular spot for photo backdrops, as well. At one time there were 23 vehicles there, including an old Bel Aire in a small row behind the trucks. Several have completely disintegrated into the dirt and grass, and when I passed by on Sunday, it was quite overgrown. Thank you so much for keeping these wonderful places alive. I enjoy your photos and stories more than you will ever realize.

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