Country Store from the Old Days stands alone in Tennessee


The Dixon Store | Grainger County, TN

Old country stores like this one were once vital to the rural communities they served. In this area of rural Tennessee, travel to big cities would’ve been a big undertaking and a small store like this one could offer important goods and conveniences to the people who lived nearby. They also created a local meeting spot in the days when folks would stop in for a few items, then spend some time on that porch catching up with a neighbor.

In most cases, small shops like this one were owned and operated by a local family who would also reap the benefit of earning extra income to support their own families. These old country stores would often take the name of the family who ran them and thus this one was known as The Dixon Store.

It’s unclear when this store opened, but according to one local account, it closed sometime in the 1950s and never opened again. 

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