Historic Mississippi Crossroads Town

 Church Hill | Jefferson County, MS | c. 1820s

After the Revolutionary War. a group of settlers came to this area from Maryland, name the community (Old) Maryland Settlement. As the community grew, they built a church of logs in 1820 and replaced it with the church building you see above in 1858. 

According to the church history,  you can still see the names of the founding members where they wrote their name with a turkey quill on one of the beams in the balcony where enslaved persons sat.

The country store pictured has come to be known as Wagner’s Grocery, although it was built in the 1870s, long before the Wagner’s came to own it. The commissary became a central meeting spot in the community and also functioned as the post office until 1992 when the last postmaster, Adolph Wagner, shut it down. Adolph had run the shop and post office for nearly 30 years. 

Wagner’s Grocery as it looked in the 1970s

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