Once Abandoned Historic Church Gets a Savior!

Cedar Grove Methodist Church | Tattnall County, GA | c. 1887

It is thought that this church congregation was formed in 1887 in a member’s home, and not long after, this structure was erected. 

The community it once served has come and gone and for many years, this church sat empty and neglected.

But I am grateful to report that Author and Environmental Activist, Janisse Ray, has taken on the restoration of this beautiful sanctuary. The roof has been replaced, the steps have been fixed, and work on the windows has begun.

She has plans to finish the restoration in order to offer the space for weddings and community events. You can follow her project here.

It took me 2 years of planning to get to this church and it happened in the most fantastic of ways. My good exploring buddy Nicole and I made our way up to Tattnall and were warmly greeted by two of our friends and mentors, Brian Brown and Mike McCall.

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We spent the rest of the day rambling the back roads…it was like a dream come true!

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