Historic Honey Pot is a Local Landmark


Altamaha Apiaries | Wayne County, GA | c. 1900

This old building has stood in this spot for 120+ years and while it’s been empty for many years, it now serves as a roadside landmark for locals traveling to and from coastal Georgia.

Constructed around 1900 by the Odom Family, this charming brick building first served the community of Gardi as a Post Office and general store. Around 1940, the Fore Family purchased the building and in 1941, began to operate an apiary here where they sold legendary honey to the community. It was around this time that the Fancy Honey sign was painted on the front of the building. They lived in the home directly behind this building which is known locally as “the bee house.”

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  1. So I just wanted to let you know that the Altamaha Plantation honey operation in Darien has no connection to the the Fore family and is not nor has ever been an extension or continuation of the Altamaha Apiaries business that my grandfather started here in Gardi, GA.

    Andrew Fore

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