Forgotten Alabama Church Now Home to a Colony of Bats

Unidentified Abandoned Church | Sumter County Alabama | c. late 1800s

I’ve driven twice in the past 4 years to photograph this church (once from Florida and once from Texas) and I still have no more idea about what happened here then when I first saw a photo of it years ago online. 

There are no signs or decorations, no names to contact, or numbers to call. Just a magnificent church in a field, forgotten.

Upon my second visit, a local stopped to chat with us and shared that at some point, there were efforts to purchase and stabilize the church, but alas, it still sits here like this, many years after the interest has worn. A small puppy greeted me as I approached the door and as I followed her inside, I was promptly greeted by a symphony of bats wings aflutter. 

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