Old Country Crossroads Store in North Carolina

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Allison-Oliver-C.H. Pender Store | Orange County North Carolina | c. 1880s

Cedar Grove’s existence as a rural community began in 1828 when the community’s first post office was established.Throughout the 19th century, the crossroads where it stands, called Cedar Grove served as a commercial, social, and educational center for agrarian families in the vicinity. By 1850, the Cedar Grove community not only boasted a private academy, but also a tanner, a coachmaker, a doctor, a post office, and three businesses included a dry goods store, a blacksmith, and a grocer.

In the 1880s, this store was built by the Alison Family, and eventually, the one-story structure on the side of the building was added to house the post office.

The Oliver Family acquired the store in 1907 and continued to operate it until C.H. Pender and his wife, Irene Oliver, acquired the store in the 1960s.

The small one-story addition on the side of the building once housed the community post office.

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This crossroads was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.

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  1. My grandmother’s house is right behind this store. The big White House with wrap around porch. That house was built in 1901. My cousin still owns the house.

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