Old Country Store in a South Carolina Ghost Town

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C.E. Moseley Store | Williamsburg County South Carolina | c. 1921

This quiet crossroads is a ghost of what it once was, but standing there on my first visit, it was easy to imagine a time when things were different. As I pondered the days when hustle and bustle from arriving trains brought excitement to the intersection, a rail car approached the crossroads to help my imagination along.

For a moment, stepping back in time to the days when travelers and locals would meet here to conduct business, to visit, and to build a community. And while most of the commercial buildings here haven’t been in use for many years, this one still stands to help us remember a different time.

Salters History

A community of planters and farmers existed here in the late 1700s-early 1800s, but wasn’t incorporated until 1856 after the railroad arrived and a depot was built.

The small village was named Salters (or Salters Depot) after one of its founding families and the builder of its depot. Over the next century, the railroad brought goods and travelers to the small community.

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While the railroad gave these farmers access to larger markets where they could ship their crops for sale, it also created opportunities for locals to open businesses that catered to travelers.

One such place was the Moseley Store that stands directly along the rail line. Read the full history of Salters HERE.

C.E. Moseley Builds a Store

Built in 1921 by C.E. Moseley, this country store along the railroad tracks served locals and travelers along the Atlantic Coastal Line alike. In 1939, C.E. Moseley passed the store on to Bert Moseley who continued the family business here until 1952.

The C.E. Moseley store shuttered its doors for good in 1952 and another Moseley Family member, Frank Moseley, opened another store on the other side of the railroad tracks where foot traffic was better.

The Frank Moseley Store closed in 1990.

The C.E. Moseley Store built c. 1921; photo c. 1979
The Frank Moseley store was open until 1990; photo c. 1979

Today, the depot is closed and so are the stores but a small group of residents remain here in Salters who affectionately refer to themselves as “Saltines.”

Learn More About the History of Salters

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  1. I love this site. The pictures and stories are absolutely amazing. I am a history buff and the pictures/stories of long ago intrigue me. I was wondering if any of the pictures/copies would be available for purchase? I’m decorating a remodeled room in black and white pics of old barns and houses, preferably southern structures. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing history.

  2. Are these old buildings still standing? Would love to go to Salter to seee the town. Is it worth a 2 hour trip?

  3. Kelly, Great story about Salters. I’m making some drawings for one of the Moseleys and would really appreciate a good copy of the photo with Frank Moseley’s name across the top of the store. can you provide? Thanks, Joe Hoffman. joeyhoff@twc.com
    Keep up the good work

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