Historic Bristow Family Farm: Then and Now

Bristow Family Farm | Alachua County, FL | c. late 1800s

For just a moment standing here in this spot, you can almost imagine what life might’ve been like 100 years ago. The winding dirt road wraps around the perimeter of the farm and out to a railroad path more than a century old and still in use today.

The tree line to the left stands like a wall to shield the visions and commotion of a highway that didn’t exist when this home was built. The overgrowth hangs like a curtain in front of the old home, almost as if to protect a secret.

Photo of Roxie and Samuel with their first three children, Felton, Ola Mae, and John. Taken c. 1916, the same year they moved to Florida
Portrait of Roxie from the early 1900s

Roxie and Samuel would marry in Lasker, NC in 1909, and by 1916, they were heading South with their 3 children towards Florida. By 1919, they were living in this home they had bought from a farming family. Within the next decade, their family would grow by four, but they would lose a son as well. A World War would begin and they would see the wagon path just beyond their door become a bustling highway. Their Nation would plummet into economic depression.

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Bristow children chewing on sugar cane c. 1934

Through all of these events, this family ate here, talked here, slept here, and endured together in this home. They farmed through good times and bad and nourished a growing family in the process.

Roxie standing in front of her home here in the 1960s.

Roxie passed away in 1981 and her home was passed down to her son, Felton. When Felton passed away, the home was passed to his son, Ray, who still owns it and farms the land today.

The Front of Roxie’s Home with boarded enclosure

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3 thoughts on “Historic Bristow Family Farm: Then and Now”

  1. Roxie didn’t move away. She eventually passed away, leaving the property to her son Felton. Eventually Felton passed the property down to his youngest son, Ray.
    Ray is my Dad and he lives on this property to this day. I am Ray’s oldest son John. I grew up on the property also.
    Though we didn’t have much , we did have all this beautiful property to play on.
    Thank you for spotlighting my family’s farm.

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