Historic Georgia Building Served as a Store, Jail, and Courthouse

Kolb Brick Store | Newton County, GA | c. 1821

Built by Martin Kolb around 1821, the Brick Store is one of the oldest stores still standing in Georgia. Kolb was among the earliest white settlers of Newton County.

At the time it was built, it stood in the community of Winton that was a center of county activity at the time and in April of 1822, the Newton County Superior Court met here at the Brick Store for their first session. From 1851-1866 and again in 1887-1906, this brick store served the community as a post office.

One of its owners, Peter Knox, who owned it from 1861-1882, was a member of the International Order of Good Templars (IOGT), a temperance organization and between 1879 and 1884, the store served as the meeting hall for the IOGT, known as Brick Store Lodge No. 479.

At certain points in its life, the Brick Store has also served as a Stagecoach Stop, a jail, and a school. The store remained in business for 114 years, closing in 1935.

Historic image of the Brick Store courtesy the Georgia Archives

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2 thoughts on “Historic Georgia Building Served as a Store, Jail, and Courthouse”

  1. The historical photo at the bottom is not the brick store. I believe it’s the old highpoint school that burned down south of covington. This is my home town born and raised right here off the square all 30 years of my life. I can tell you anything you want to know about Covington and if I can’t I can direct you to someone who can.

    1. The picture was listed as the Brick Store by the Georgia Archives so I’ll have to look into this further. Thanks for pointing it out.

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